Gateway modes

The gateway can be used to propagate blockchain data (ETH, BSC, and Polygon networks) or flashbots bundles (ETH network). There are two Gateway modes - bdn and flashbots. The Gateway can run in flashbots, bdn, or both.

In flashbots mode, the Gateway accepts blxr_submit_bundle requests.

In bdn mode, the Gateway also receives blockchain data (such as transactions and blocks) from the BDN.

docker run --name bxgateway-go -d \
  -v /home/ubuntu/gateway_log:/app/bloxroute/logs \
  -v /home/ubuntu/ssl:/app/bloxroute/ssl \
  -p 1801:1801 -p 28333:28333 bloxroute/bloxroute-gateway-go \ 
  --blockchain-network Mainnet \
  --ws --port 1801 \
  --mode bdn,flashbots
  --enodes enode://fa1...99a@
  --enr enr:-Iq4QIjl...e3IN0Y3CCIyg

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