Typescript SDK


This SDK is designed to make it easy for you to use the bloXroute Labs Serum API in Typescript.

This library is exposes HTTP, websockets, and GRPC interfaces, and is compatible with both modern browser and node.js environments. Note that some methods and the GRPC interface is only available in node.js run-times, since some aspects of these functions are incompatible with browsers (e.g. http/2 requirement for GRPC, loading from environment, etc.)



$ npm install @bloxroute/solana-trader-client-ts


First, you will need an AUTH_HEADER from bloXroute (see [the BDN user portal][1]) . If you wish to create transactions you will also need your Solana PRIVATE_KEY available.

In node.js environments, you can specify both of these values in a .env file, or export them manually yourself. In the browser, you'll want to define them during run-time from user input, and probably use some wallet provider to handle the transaction signing.

A simple example:

import { HttpProvider } from "../bxsolana/provider/http.js"

const provider = new HttpProvider()

let req = await provider.getOrderbook({ market: "SOLUSDC", limit: 5 })

Refer to the examples/ for more info. As mentioned above, you'll need an .env file for exported variables to execute the full suite. A proper .env file looks like something like this.


A general note on transaction submission: methods named post* (e.g. postOrder) typically do not sign/submit the transaction, only return the raw unsigned transaction. This is mainly useful for generating transaction in browsers or if you want to handle your signing manually. You may also want to use the similarly named submit* methods (e.g. submitOrder), which generate, sign, and submit the transaction all at once.

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