Why Use bloXroute?

In short, to scale blockchains, to hear about and send transactions and blocks faster, and to benefit from bloXroute's unique network insights and tools - further detailed on our Products page. bloXroute’s main goal is to enable cryptocurrencies and blockchain systems to scale to thousands of on-chain transactions per second. bloXroute provides scalability to numerous cryptocurrencies and blockchains simultaneously by utilizing a global high-performance Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN). The core of the BDN is a high-capacity, low-latency global network of servers (called Relays) optimized to quickly propagate transactions and blocks for multiple blockchain systems. Fast propagation not only enables blockchains to scale on chains, but also enables users, like validators, wallets, DApps, and DeFi Traders, to make more strategic and profitable decisions.
  • Validators can make more profit.
  • Wallets get better transaction insights.
  • DApps get better UI/UX.
  • Traders get faster trade execution.
  • And Everyone can pay lower transaction fees.