BackRunMe allows users to safely submit private transactions (e.g. protection against frontrunning and sandwich attacks) while allowing searchers to backrun the transaction via MEV to produces additional arbitrage profit. The private transaction feature keeps your transactions hidden from front-running and sandwich bots. If a backrun is available, then BackRunMe gives a portion of this additional profit back to the user. These backrun transactions do not affect the transaction submitted by the user since it occurs after the transaction is confirmed.

How BackRunMe Works

To Use BackRunMe

You can use MetaMask and other supported wallets directly on to trade on Uniswap v2 or Sushiswap. The price of a private transaction through BackRunMe is an additional 15% of the total gas fee. Price will be displayed in BackRunMe UI during execution.
For more specific information about how to use BackRunMe, follow our Guide.
If you’d like to use BackRunMe's feature to send private transactions on Ethereum outside of Uniswap or Sushiswap, please use Fast Protect.

Backrunning Profit Sharing

If a backrun transaction occurs, the profits (after the deduction of block base fee) from the backrun transaction are split among the participants in the following manner:
Backrunning profit sharing
To use BackRunMe there is no need to configure metamask public RPC or to have a bloXroute account.