Gateway as Web3 Bridge

If you are using a trading bot or a web3 service but are not able to change its code in order to connect to the BDN, you can still use the bloXroute service to gain speed by configuring your gateway to serve as a web3-compatible proxy between your bot and your node. The gateway will expedite mempool service and transaction execution by using the BDN, while all other web3 services will be served from your node.


  1. An active bloXroute account of tier Enterprise or higher

  2. A running node, either on a local server or from a node provider that supports bloXroute gateway installation

  3. A bloXroute local gateway with the Blockchain RPC feature enabled: Gateway setup instructions can be found here. Please note that in order to run your gateway with the Blockchain RPC feature, you must add the following arguments to your gateway startup command:

    1. --eth-ws-uri

    2. --enable-blockchain-rpc

Configuring your bot

Most bots have a configuration file in which it expects to have the RPC endpoint of the node you are using. To connect your bot to the gateway, simply edit your bot’s configuration file by replacing the blockchain node RPC endpoint with your gateway’s endpoint in the following format:


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