ETH Gas Protect RPC

Front-running and Gas protection for transactions on the Ethereum Network.
ETH Gas Protect RPC combines front-running and gas protection to offer an all-in-one security solution for transactions on the Ethereum network. This RPC converts the private transaction to a single-transaction Flashbots bundle. By sending transactions directly to block proposers using our high-performance global network, ETH Gas Protect PRC eliminates the possibility of wasting gas on reverted transactions and keeps transactions hidden from front-running and sandwich bots until after the window of opportunity for an attack has passed. Traders can opt to use the ETH Protect RPC or the ETH Gas Protect RPC based on their use case.

Setup custom ETH Gas Protect RPC in Metamask

1. Open Metamask and click on "Settings"
2. Click on "Networks", and then click on "Add Network" on the Networks menu.
3. Select "Custom Networks"
4. Add custom ETH Gas Protect RPC to your Metamask
  • Network Name: ETH Gas Protect
  • RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 1
  • Symbol: ETH
  • Block Explorer URL (optional):