Hosted Gateway

A Hosted Gateway is a gateway conveniently hosted and managed by bloXroute Labs on our cloud infrastructure.

Connecting to a Hosted Gateway requires an active bloXroute account of Enterprise or higher. If needed, you may purchase multiple Hosted Gateways.

Connecting to a Hosted Gateway

  1. Reach out to bloXroute Support on Discord or by email at to let us know that you would like to configure a bloXroute Hosted Gateway.

  2. You will need to send us the following information regarding your node:

    1. Blockchain network

    2. Geo location

    3. Public key

    4. IP address

    5. Port

    If you reach out to us via email, please make your subject line β€œHosted Gateway”

To retrieve your node public key, use Geth command admin_nodeInfo

  1. Provisioning a Hosted Gateway is usually done by the next business day. We will respond to you via Discord or email to provide you with the enode of your Hosted Gateway.

  2. Once done, we’ll start your Hosted Gateway, confirm with you that you’re online, and you’ll be good to go!

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