Python SDK


This SDK is designed to make it easy for you to use the bloXroute Labs Serum API in Python.



$ pip install bxsolana-trader


This library supports HTTP, websockets, and GRPC interfaces. You can use it with a context manager or handle open/closing yourself.

For any methods involving transaction creation you will need to provide your Solana private key. You can provide this via the environment variable PRIVATE_KEY, or specify it via the provider configuration if you want to load it with some other mechanism. See samples for more information. As a general note on this: methods named post_* (e.g. post_order) typically do not sign/submit the transaction, only return the raw unsigned transaction. This isn't very useful to most users (unless you want to write a signer in a different language), and you'll typically want the similarly named submit_* methods (e.g. submit_order). These methods generate, sign, and submit the transaction all at once.

You will also need your bloXroute authorization header to use these endpoints. By default, this is loaded from the AUTH_HEADER environment variable.

Context manager:

from bxsolana import provider

async with provider.http() as api:
    print(await api.get_orderbook(market="ETHUSDT"))
async with as api:
    async for update in api.get_orderbooks_stream(market="ETHUSDT"):


import bxsolana

from bxsolana import provider

p = provider.grpc()
api = await bxsolana.trader_api(p)

    await api.get_orderbook(market="ETHUSDT")
    await p.close()

Refer to the examples/ for more info.

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