Docker container option


To pull the latest gateway version, run the following command:

docker pull bloxroute/bloxroute-gateway-go:latest

Running your gateway

To run your gateway, copy the command below and modify it as needed.

A full list of start up arguments is available in the Startup Arguments page.

docker run --name bxgateway-go -d \
-v /home/ubuntu/gateway_log:/app/bloxroute/logs \
-v /home/ubuntu/ssl:/app/bloxroute/ssl \
-p 1801:1801 -p 28333:28333 bloxroute/bloxroute-gateway-go:latest \
--blockchain-network Mainnet \
--ws --port 1801 \
--multiaddr /ip4/<IPv4_NETWORK_ADDRESS>/tcp/<LISTENING_PORT>/p2p/<NODE_ID> \
--private-key <YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY> \
--eth-ws-uri ws://<ETH node IP address>:8546

  • Traders who host a gateway and a blockchain node on the same machine should use local docker host as blockchain node IP in the --enodes(and--eth-ws-uri, if used) argument.

  • An authorization header is always required for WebSocket connection. The WS endpoint is accessible at ws://localhost:28333/ws.

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