Private Relays

Get Closer to the BDN
bloXroute offers users several BDN Public Relays located in London, Virginia, Frankfurt and Singapore. These Relays provide nearby Gateways with low latencies. Users that are operating nodes in regions with high latencies to these Public Relays may benefit from using Private Relays.
The better connected a user is to the BDN's Relay network, the less distance transactions need to travel, allowing users to hear of them faster. The same holds for mining pools receiving transactions. For example, sophisticated traders that have nodes located around the world would greatly benefit from bringing the BDN closer to their nodes. The table below lists the latency improvements (in ms) users can expect when accessing a Private Relay, assuming the user's Gateway is located in the same region as the Private Relay. The expected improvements are divided into 4 regions. The table displays the time a user saves when hearing about and sending a transaction to/from the region.
For example, transactions from Singapore will arrive to California on average 62ms faster.
Private Relays are only available to users with Enterprise Elite plan.
The map below shows the distribution of Ethereum mainnet nodes, as reported by Users can reference this to assess the value of Private Relays in various geographies.
Ethereum Mainnet Nodes | Source: