Cancelling a Subscription

In order to unsubscribe from a stream, you may create a context using context.WithTimeout() and pass the returned context into the subscribe request method and call the returned cancel function with defer.


Subscribing to Gateway Stream in Go using gRPC (ex: NewTxs stream):

package main

import (

	pb ""

type blxrCredentials struct {
	authorization string

func (bc blxrCredentials) GetRequestMetadata(ctx context.Context, uri ...string) (map[string]string, error) {
	return map[string]string{
		"authorization": bc.authorization,
	}, nil

func (bc blxrCredentials) RequireTransportSecurity() bool {
	return false

func main() {
	// gRPC server default values
	gatewayHostIP := "localhost"
	gatewayGRPCPort := 5001

	// Open gRPC connection to Gateway.
	conn, _ := grpc.Dial(
		fmt.Sprintf("%v:%v", gatewayHostIP, gatewayGRPCPort),
		grpc.WithPerRPCCredentials(blxrCredentials{authorization: "<YOUR-AUTHORIZATION-HEADER>"}),
		// for the best networking performance between gateway and a client
		// we recommend to use following dial configuration:

	// Use the Gateway client connection interface.
	client := pb.NewGatewayClient(conn)

	// create context and defer cancel of context
	callContext, cancel := context.WithTimeout(context.Background(), 24*time.Hour)
	defer cancel()

	// Create a subscription using the stream-specific method and request.
	stream, _ := client.NewTxs(callContext, &pb.TxsRequest{Filters: "", Includes: ""})

	for {
		subscriptionNotification, err := stream.Recv()
		if err == nil {
			fmt.Println(subscriptionNotification) // or process it generally

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