API Restrictions

Note - As of February 26 2024, we will enforce rate limits on the Trader API. *This is subject to change.

All rate limits are subject to change and enforced by your bloXroute account tier.

A credit-based rate limit system is used to limit spamming and usage, to provide the best service to our paid customers.

How is credit consumption calculated?

Every API calls or will consume credits.

  • Users' credit resets every 60 seconds. The request submitted at 00:01:23.456 counts towards the 00:01:00 minute limit. Once the 00:02:00 minute starts, the count will reset to zero again.

  • Each API call will consume credit.

  • Active gRPC/WebSocket stream will consume credit.

  • Different API calls and different data streams have different credit costs. The weight of each endpoint is based on the resource server consumed.

    • The cost for an API call is between 1 - 5 credits.

    • The cost for a live stream is between 100 - 500 credits.

  • Requests fail with status 429 when rate limits are violated.

  • Each user will have assigned credits based on the bloXroute account tier. You can find how much credit you will be assigned using the table below.

Account TierCredit every 60sec











Check your current rate-limit

We provided an endpoint for you to check your current rate-limit usage. Please refer to the Get Rate Limit page for more information.

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