To ensure a smooth startup process, make sure to go through the steps below
To run a Local Gateway you must have:
  • A server running a Blockchain node 😀
  • An active bloXroute account with an Enterprise plan or higher
Additionally, please make sure that you've taken the following actions:
  • Download the certificates available in the bloXroute account portal and save them along with you secret hash to a folder (for example, /usr/local/bloxroute-certificate). Find detailed instructions on creating an account and downloading certificates here.
  • Generate a private and public key pair for your gateway. For detailed instructions on how to create a public and private key pair, go here.
  • Construct your gateway's enode using the public key from the pair above in the following format:
  • Make sure you have your server's IP address. Use to automatically detect your IP address.
  • Verify that the TCP-1801 and TCP-28333 ports on your machine are available. If they are not available, you will need to add the --port flag to your startup arguments with the port that you want to configure.
What are the ports used for?
  • TCP – 1801 - Inbound/Outbound - Used for communication between other gateways and other nodes
  • TCP – 28333 - Inbound - Used for WebSocket communication to and from the gateway