A frontend to interact with Uniswap Protocol hosted by bloXroute, offering a lower fee and frontrunning protection. allows users to swap and add/remove liquidity (LP) using the Uniswap Protocol, similar to the “official” Uniswap Labs frontend, with 2 key features:
  1. 1.
    x3 lower fee than the “official” frontend
  2. 2.
    Front-running protection with cashback
With the x3 reduction in fees (save 0.1% on every trade!), we strive to make the frontend accessible to a wider audience, and we believe every trader deserves affordable and accessible tools to navigate the crypto world.
As an industry leading MEV service provider, bloXroute keeps trades safe from frontrunning and sandwich attacks by implementing RPC endpoint that can be added to metamask wallet, such that users wouldn’t have to worry about the potential attack or loss of funds. Furthermore, if there is any available backrunning opportunity available, then the RPC gives a portion of this additional backrunning profit back to the user as cashback immediately. The backrun transactions do not affect the transaction submitted by the user in any way, since it occurs after the transaction is executed.
In line with our philosophy of promoting decentralization, becomes an additional option for traders when interacting with the Uniswap Protocol, contributing to a censorship-resistant environment. By supporting decentralization, we empower users to have greater control over their digital assets and transactions.