The bloXroute Gateway is open-source software that acts as the entrypoint for blockchain clients (such as Geth, Bitcoin ABC, etc.) to bloXroute’s BDN, passing transactions and blocks between the blockchain client and the rest of the BDN. The Gateway talks to the blockchain client using the blockchain client’s native peer-to-peer communication protocol. From the perspective of the blockchain client, a Gateway is simply another peer in the network
To communicate with the rest of the bloXroute BDN, the Gateway communicates in the BLXR protocol. As open-source software, anyone can modify the Gateway to meet their needs or review the code to ensure that the software is behaving as expected.
There are two types of Gateways, a Local Gateway and a Hosted Gateway. A Local Gateway is installed by the user on a server with low latency to their blockchain client and configures it to communicate with the blockchain client. A Hosted Gateway is conveniently hosted and managed by bloXroute in its Cloud infrastructure.