BDN Explorer

The BDN Explorer offers real-time statistics on the BDN’s performance and the networks it supports. We explain the top level network statistics below.

BDN Overview

Below depicts an overview of the BDN including online Relays, Average Propagation and Compression Rate. There is also the ability to change Networks and view the site by "Regions".

Average Propagation Time

The average propagation time is the average time it takes for the last Relay in the network to send a block to its last Gateway. You can see the times each Relay in the network receives each block by clicking on the Block Hash in the Recent Blocks section at the bottom.

Compression Rate

The compression rate is the average compression ratio (i.e., the size of the compressed block divided by the original size) for all blocks with more than 10 transactions. Empty blocks (or blocks with low number of transactions) are ignored.

BDN Efficiency

To measure how well our network is performing, we measure the percentage of blocks and transactions that Gateways hear first from the BDN rather than the peer-to-peer (P2P) network.
For example, in this 24-hour window, Gateways heard first from the BDN 90.4% of the time rather than the P2P network. Put another way, the BDN sent blocks faster than the P2P network to the Gateway 90.4% of the time.

Propagation — Last Hour

We also report the amount of time between when the first Relay in the network received a block or transaction and when the last Relay sent a block or transaction to the last Gateway. Hovering on the chart reveals the hash of the block that was sent, how long propagation took, and time (in your browser’s local time) at which the last Relay sent to the last Gateway the block or transaction.
The same statistics are reported for Block Compression Rate (shows the compression rate of a given block rather than the propagation time) and Transactions.

Recent Blocks

We provide data for each block that was added to the chain. Some data fields we include are:
  • Time Stamp: Time the first Relay hears of the block.
  • BDN Origin: The country of the first Gateway that sent the block to the BDN.
  • Size: Size of the block in bytes (not compressed).
  • Transactions: Number of transactions contained in the block.
  • Compression Rate: Number of transactions that were replaced with an SID divided by the total number of transactions.
  • Propagation Time: Amount of time between when the first Relay in the network received a block or transaction and when the last Gateway received a block or transaction.
Clicking on the block hash shows you more detailed information about the block.