ETH Bundle-Trace

The Bundle-Trace service allows traders to check the status of a submitted bundle - see if it has been included on-chain or see what was it's status in bloXroute blocks.

The Bundle-Trace utility has a built-in rate limiting defined by the account tier.

Bundle-Trace returns the bundle hash and block number the bundle was sent to, together with the bundle's result.


curl \
    -X GET \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \




Allows the user to include the authentication in the URL string directly.

If the authentication is provided in both the header and the URL parameter, the one in the header will be used.



Allows the user to specify the block number they sent the bundle to. In case the bundle was sent to multiple blocks - this parameter is mandatory




Bundle is on chain:

    "bundle_hash": "0x7c1f4cca45de6c34781f628667ccf071b1992d00ef74b68c2bfa276af84ae2c7",
    "block_number": 18613219,
    "bloXroute": [
        "Receive time: 2023-11-20 13:12:13.464313 +0000 UTC.",
        "Initial simulation: No errors.",
        "Effective gas price: 0.02 gwei.",
        "Bundle first included in bloXroute blocks at 2023-11-20 13:12:22.275585161 +0000 UTC.",
        "% blocks bundle was included: 16.36%.",
        "Reason for not included: other bundles paid more in 24% of bloXroute blocks",
        "% blocks with final simulation errors: 59.64%."
    "on_chain_status": "Bundle was included in the on-chain block."

Bundle failed initial simulation- tx nonce too low

    "bundle_hash": "0x0bbe11bc247305ea65432f53058bff69f7091df478bc999c1d3acd38d732f033",
    "block_number": 18613219,
    "bloXroute": [
        "Receive time: 2023-11-20 13:12:04.893906 +0000 UTC.",
        "Initial simulation: nonce too low: address 0x7225D8708b78772f7ccaDc6dF264c42b2b96C35a"
    "external_builders": [
        "Bundle received by at 2023-11-20 13:12:09.011936",
        "Bundle received by at 2023-11-20 13:12:09.013720",
        "Bundle received by Titan ( at 2023-11-20 13:12:09.021511"
    "on_chain_status": "Bundle was not included in the on-chain block."

Potential Response components

  • Time when the bundle was received by bloXroute.

  • Initial simulation status - an error that occurred during initial simulation.

  • Effective gas price of the bundle.

  • Time the bundle was first included in bloXroute block.

  • % of how many blocks the bundle was included in.

  • Reason why the bundle was not included in our block - bundle conflicted/reverted/other bundles paid more.

  • % of how many blocks the bundle had final simulation errors in.

  • External builders - in case you chose to send your bundle to external builders, you can see when these builders received the bundle. Available builders are Titan, beaver and rsync.

  • On-chain status - see if the bundle was included in the on-chain block, some of the bundle's txs are included or the bundle is not included at all.

Rate Limiting

Bundle-Trace is limiting requests if they exceed 2 requests per second. In addition, each tier has a limit to how many requests per day are allowed.

Below are the tiers limits:

Account TierRequests Per Day











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