The bloXroute Intent Network is still under development. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in collaborating.

bloXroute Intent Network.

The bloXroute Intent Network is designed to provide a performance-driven comprehensive Intent life-cycle solution for decentralized applications.

Benefits for dApp project:

The Intent network speeds up the time required for intents to be resolved.

  • It lets dApps onboard top-tier solvers across the network.

  • It distributes intents to solvers worldwide in a timely matter.

  • dApp can choose from either all solvers or a customized set of solvers. Allow dApps to control who can participate as a solver.

  • Protect intent signals from front-running.

  • dApp can utilize bloXroute private transactions and bundle propagation for front-running protection.

  • dApp has the option to let bloXroute handle the solution auctions and/or transaction bundling. - on the roadmap

Benefits for Solver:

  • The one-stop shop for all the intents across the chain.

  • Get access to many dApps intents quickly.

  • A simple intents stream gives the fastest access to intents wherever they come from.

  • Gateways and relays provide intents stream giving the fastest access to intents wherever they come from.

  • The intent network helps manage all the intents and provide.

  • The Intent Network will monitor the condition of intent when it applies. - on the roadmap

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