Message Types

Message Type Details

Hello Message

The Hello message is the first message sent between the Gateway and a relay. The Hello message is used to inform a peer of the sender’s protocol version, network number, buffer and node ID.

ACK Message

The ACK Message is sent to acknowledge the receipt of a hello message. The ACK message does not include a payload.

Ping Message

A Keep-alive message that should expect a Pong Message response with the provided nonce.

Pong Message

Response to the Ping Message that should include the nonce provided in the Ping message.

Broadcast Message

Message used to broadcast a new block to the BDN.

Transaction Message

Message to propagate a transaction across the BDN.

Get Transactions Message

Message used to request information about services with specified short IDs.

Transactions Message

Message with tx details send in response to GET_TRANSACTIONS Message.

Transaction Info Objects

A transaction info object is a part of the Transactions Message that describes a single transaction and its associated short ID.

Key Message

A key message includes the encryption key used to encrypt a block when encryption is used for blocks sent over the BDN.

Block Holding Message

Request for other Gateways to hold onto the block for a timeout to avoid encrypted block duplication.

Disconnect Relay Peer Message

Request for the Gateway to disconnect from it’s Relay peers. This message does not have a payload.

Transaction Cleanup Message

Provides expired transactions for removal from Gateway memory. The expired transactions may be provided as a list of short IDs or as a list of transaction hashes. Since Gateways are not validating nodes, over time they will collect transactions that have been discarded by blockchain network full nodes. This may occur because, for example, the transaction was invalid, double spent, or provided insufficient fees. The bloXroute BDN will occasionally poll its internal blockchain nodes for a list of valid transactions and compare it to its list of tracked transactions. Transactions not found in internal blockchain nodes will be broadcast to the network with the Transaction Cleanup message to permit Gateways to remove these transactions from their memory.

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