🎯Block Explorer

The Block Explorer provides real-time information about latest Binance Smart Chain blocks proposed by bloXroute MEV builders. Descriptions of all pages can be found below.


Home page of the website shows the latest blocks proposed by bloXroute builders.

The table also displays the following data:

  • Age of the block

  • Minified hash of the block

  • Bundle reward (if it is relevant for the block)

  • Private transactions reward (if it is relevant for the block)

  • Name of validator

  • Amount of used gas

  • Validator reward

  • Number of transactions in the block

  • Number of bundles in the block

When a block contains any bundle, the page has an option to inspect the block:

The popped up window provides information about every bundle in the block. For each transaction in the bundle, it shows the following details:

  • Minified transaction hash

  • Sender and receiver minified wallets IDs

  • Gas used for the transaction

  • Transaction gas price

  • Transaction validator reward

Bundle Leaderboard

This page reveals day-by-day overall validator results:

  • Total reward gained with bloXroute

  • Total bundle reward gained with bloXroute

  • Total private transaction reward gained with bloXroute

  • Highest bundle reward value

  • Block number with the highest bundle reward

Validator Rewards

This page shows a breakdown of validator rewards for a specific date:

  • Validator name

  • Total reward

  • Total bundle reward

  • Total private transaction reward

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