The bloXroute Intent Network gateway functionality is part of the standard BDN gateway. You can use either Local Gateway or bloXroute hosted gateway to access our Intent Network. For more details about the installation of a local gateway, please refer to Local Gateway - Installation and Startup.

Intent Network also supports Cloud-API for faster and easier integration. Check Cloud-API IPs page for more information.

There are two types of roles in Intent Network, dApp & Trader. The only difference is that only a user registered as a dApp will be able to subscribe to its Solutions Stream.


Intents Stream

Solutions Stream

Submit Intent

Submit Solution

dApp integration

Trader/Searcher/Solver integration

After installing a local gateway, you will be able to subscribe to the Intents Streams.

The intent response will look like below. Depending on the dApp(dappAddress), the intent payload will be different.



ETH address of the DApp that owns the intent



ETH address of intent sender



UUID of the intent






timestamp (optional)


After receiving an intent event, you will need to refer to dApp's developer docs to parse the intent information.

Using the intents stream to identify trading opportunities, you will then use Submit Solution to submit your trade.

Most of the dApp also supports traders Submitting Intent through Intent Network. Therefore other Traders inside the network can start their searches right away.


Collaborating with our first integrated project Aori, we provided an example of dApp or Trader/Searcher implementation.

The Intent Flow

  • dApps Integration: What does do?

    1. Subscribes to Aori order book updates and converts them to standard intents format before sending them to the Intent Gateway.

    2. Subscribes to intent solutions coming from the Intent Gateway and converts them to taker orders before sending them to the Aori network.

  • Traders & Searchers Integration: What does the do?

    1. Subscribes to the intent gateway, and reads the make orders coming from the Intent Gateway.

    2. Creates a take order for each and submits them back to the gateway as intent solutions.

Resource: supported dApp SDK.

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