Register An Account

Registering an account with bloXroute is fast and easy – simply follow the steps below.
You can also follow along with the step-by-step video walkthrough.
1.Select “Get Started.” This will take you to the Account Portal.
2. Fill out the fields, verify humanity, and then select “Create Account
3. Select your plan. Review the plan comparison table if you are unsure which plan is right for you.
4. Save your account details, such as Account name and Account ID, for future reference. A word document works great.
5. Download the artifacts and unzip the contents based on the instructions below. It is important that you do not rename the folder name after extracting the zip file. Note that if you plan to use a paid service, then you must also save the certificate and secret hash to a folder. For example: /usr/bloxroute/certificate
That’s it, your registration is complete!
You can now proceed with the rest of the setup instructions based on how you connect to the bloXroute BDN.