Validators and Builders

MEV Relay Types

bloXroute provides two types of MEV relays that validators and builders can connect to:
  • Non predator MEV: Relay that propagates non-frontrunning bundles and private transactions. bloXroute tries its best to filter out MEV bundles that execute strategies like generalized frontrunning and sandwiching. This relay is not ready for testing yet.
  • Max profit: Relay that propagates all available transactions/bundles with no filtering.


Validators with mev-boost can connect to bloXroute MEV relay in order to receive full blocks proposed by bloXroute. Validators will be able to choose one of the MEV relay types and add it to mev-boost -relays startup argument:
  • Max profit relay: https://0xb8a0bad3f3a4f0b35418c03357c6d4201[email protected]
Validators can append ?id= parameter to the end of relay URL. For example: ./mev-boost -ropsten -relays https://0xb8a0bad3f3a4f0b35418c03357c6d4201[email protected] .


Builders must support the builder specs, either by using builder geth or developing customized software, and then contact bloXroute support for builder registration. Builders must have Ultra tier in order to connect to bloXroute relay in Mainnet, or Introductory tier in Ropsten. Builders can start submitting full blocks to bloXroute now!
Some builders will be able to get from bloXroute MEV bundles and private transactions to be added to their blocks. Builders will need to be whitelisted by bloXroute.
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